in a loop
The Souls of the Bellegarde Multimedia Center
In the heart of Toulouse, the Bellegarde Multimedia Center has established itself as a major crossroads between technology, art and community. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this iconic structure, I designed a special artwork, merging innovation and familiarity.
“In A Loop” is a personal collection of cinemagraphs that I created, featuring 30 of my colleagues from the Bellegarde center. Each portrait, while largely static, features a subtly animated detail, reflecting the essence of their role within the center – from technical officer to gardener, accountant to sound recordist, and many more Again.
The exhibition took on a special dimension, with the works being displayed on a wall of iPads, thus offering visitors an immersive and interactive experience. This project had the honor of being presented alongside works by recognized artists such as Grégory Chatonsky and François Donato, marking a memorable step in my journey as a digital artist.
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