Lines, Time & Noise
The Clock That Says "No" to Seconds
Redefining Time, Hour by Hour
Why are we so obsessed with the precise measurement of time? Minutes, seconds, milliseconds... all of it becomes meaningless before "Lines, Time & Noise." Here, each hour is a statement, a rebellion against hyper-precision, an opportunity to simply be.
The Ballet of Lines and Colors
Time is not merely displayed; it's expressed. The lines dance, stretch, and blend, creating a visual melody that spans across the day. Each state is a new note in this symphony, a chance to see time differently.
The Art of Temporality
This piece isn't just a canvas; it's a cycle, an ecosystem in 24 acts. Each state brings something new while echoing the others, allowing for an ever-changing experience. It's like a visual manifesto against our obsession with timing every moment of our lives.
Immortalized on the Blockchain
Ah, and one more thing: this work is as eternal as art can be in our age. Registered on the blockchain and sold on, "Lines, Time & Noise" is not only a reflection on time but also a digital artwork that has found its eternal home in the virtual world, escaping the decay of time and space.
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