An Odyssey in Cryptoart
In 2021, I embarked on a bold journey into the world of cryptoart with my iconic series of animated GIFs, "PĪØИΞΞR$".
This collection of six works celebrates the legendary figures who shaped the landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain at the time when I started getting interested in it in 2017. Each GIF is a vibrant tribute to these pioneers, representing not only their influence but also the innovative spirit of the digital era.
Satoshi Nakamoto: The enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, Vitalik Buterin: The brain behind Ethereum, The Winklevoss Twins: Pioneers in Bitcoin investment, John McAfee: A controversial but undeniably influential figure, CZ (Changpeng Zhao): The founder of Binance, Andre Cronje: Architect of decentralized finance.
"PĪØИΞΞR$" is more than a series of images; it's a celebration of the pioneering spirit that continues to drive innovation in the world of cryptoart.
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