Seventeen Ladies
In the ethereal realms of data's embrace,
Where reality and virtuality interface,
Unfolds a spectacle, a project unique,
An NFT journey, of which I speak.

Seventeen ladies in shadows dance,
In a fashion reminiscent of Avedon's glance,
MidJourney's children, stark and fair,
In the abyss of black and white, they stare.

Whispers of silk, hints of lace,
Frozen in time, in data's embrace,
Each an echo of past's delight,
Yet born of future, in digital light.

In the code's caress, a dance ensues,
p5.js, the partner they choose,
Two into one, they merge and twine,
In a collage of chaos, exquisitely fine.

Ghosts of a time when shutter clicked,
With AI's touch, they're handpicked,
In the blockchain's ledger, they find their place,
An eternal waltz, in cyberspace.

Non-fungible tokens, rare and unique,
The language of the future, they quietly speak,
Each a testament, a digital ode,
To the marriage of the new and old.

In the realm where art and tech collide,
A decadent journey, a thrilling ride,
This, the tale of an artist's dream,
In the echo chamber of the data stream.

A poem written in collaboration with ChatGPT
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