space blocks
dynamic artwork created from real-time data of Bitcoin
Space Blocks
is a generative and dynamic artwork created from real-time data of Bitcoin.
The piece consists of floating blocks that move slowly and rotate in sync with the price of Bitcoin. This visual representation highlights the constant fluctuations of the cryptocurrency's value, subject to market forces and the vagaries of financial speculation.
However, the artwork does more than just represent this data. It interacts with it in real-time, evolving based on several parameters of Bitcoin, such as price, transaction volume, and the size of the latest block created on the blockchain. For example, the maximum rotation speed of the blocks will be reached when the price of Bitcoin hits $500,000, offering an evolving experience for the viewer.
Additionally, the artwork is designed to adapt to all screen formats, allowing it to be experienced on different devices, from smartphones to large-scale installations.
Beyond its technical dimension, this artwork also raises fundamental philosophical questions. It invites us to reflect on the nature of time and value, the impact of new technologies on our perception of the world, the links between art and finance, and the issues of speculation and market volatility. It sheds light on the complexity of our era, marked by hyperconnectivity and unprecedented acceleration.
Thus, this artwork invites us to both contemplation through its hypnotic choreography and to reflection. It reminds us that art is not simply an aesthetic object, but can also help us understand the world we live in, question our certainties, and open new perspectives on our existence.
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