Squares on squares
The Geometry of Rebellion
A Nod to Mondrian
Inspired by the iconic work of Piet Mondrian, this piece is a contemporary reimagining of geometric abstraction. While Mondrian sought to express universal harmony through his grids, "Squares on Squares" introduces a trace of chaos, questioning traditional forms and pushing boundaries.
Minimalism Meets Chaos
A hint of chaos, but only a trace; this is the beauty of minimalism encapsulated in the geometric place that is the square. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about a break from the norm, a respite from the cacophony of life.
Gone in Sixty-Four
You've missed it. All 64 iterations, sold out on FXhash. A phenomenon in digital art, this piece has been snapped up by those who recognize the subtlety of its chaos within the bounds of its precise geometry.
Decentralized Artistry
A word on its unique existence: the art is registered on Tezos, making it not just another digital file but a verified NFT. An unchangeable stamp on the blockchain, as solid as the squares it portrays.
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