super punks
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"Super Punks" is not just a project. It's a scream of rebellion. In this universe, the neat and shiny capes and tights of classic DC and Marvel superheroes are drowned beneath the vivid colors of graffiti, safety pins, and chains. Welcome to a world where insubordination is the new superpower.
Anarchy's Technology: MidJourney
Instead of confining myself to traditional tools, I turned to the cutting-edge technology of MidJourney to craft these raw images. MidJourney was the catalyst, merging fragments from different realities to birth this organized chaos.
Rebellion's Multiverse
Each version of our beloved superheroes is a gateway to another multiverse, where notions of heroism and justice are constantly reimagined. In this interdimensional space, fluidity of identity reigns supreme. A mohawked Spider-Man? An anarcho-punk styled Batman with tattoos? Why not? In the multiverse, anything goes.
​​​​​​​"Super Punks" disrupts norms. It calls for challenging the polished, marketed image of the modern superhero. It's an invitation to rethink what it means to be a hero in an era of constant unrest. Is it the symbol on the chest or the passion in the heart that matters most?
In this chaotic landscape where the old world meets the new, "Super Punks" offers a meditation on the fluidity of identity through the lens of the multiverse. It's a fractured mirror, each shard providing a new angle, a fresh echo of rebellion. If you thought you knew your heroes, think again. In the punk multiverse, all the rules are broken.
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