Voyage en Orient 2.0

Between June and September 1851, 28-year-old Gustave Flaubert made a seven-month trip to Egypt with his friend Maxime de Camp. They go up the Nile from Alexandria to Nubia and then back down with a crossing excursion to the Red Sea. During the trip Flaubert, dazzled and moved, keeps a diary of his encounters with men, women and the country. In a very pictorial and powerfully evocative writing, sometimes raw, this diary is rich in striking miniatures of perfection. More than an evocation of the monuments encountered which often bore him, Flaubert expresses there a particular concern for the landscape, the color and the light, a pretext for dazzling sketches.

The adaptation that we propose is a film without an actor, without a camera and above all a motionless journey, it takes the road that Gustave Flaubert takes to go up the Nile in today’s Internet. Two temporalities coexist throughout the documentary one would be like an interpretation of the score of this collective memory which is built in cyberspace, the other the text that Gustave Flaubert was kind enough to leave us in his travel diary. This film is an investigation into the representations of the world on the web, an investigation and a journey into the digitalized world, illustrated by the photographs, sounds and videos found on this virtual path to the Orient in sites such as Opens street map , Google maps, aporee, YouTube and many more…

  • Scenario: Marcos Riesco
  • Capture, Compositing & Editing: Smldms
  • Music and Sounds: François Donato


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