Waves Circle
An Exploration of Texture and Form
Discover the enchantment of intricate patterns in the "Waves Circle", an artistic series that delves deeply into the interplay between texture and shape. These digital compositions, with their delicate waves and precise strata, evoke natural landscapes and marine phenomena, each crest and trough intertwining in a harmonious visual dance. The balance struck between repetition and variation offers a visual experience that is both meditative and invigorating.
One of the major highlights of this series is the capability to export each piece in SVG format. This offers a unique opportunity for art and technology enthusiasts: with the aid of a pen plotter, these images can be transformed into tangible, real-life drawings, adding a tactile dimension to an already rich visual experience. The merging of digital art with mechanics paves the way for endless exploration of the potentials of the "Waves Circle".
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